The Cost.

For the five days that you’ll be with us in Makeni we will look after everything. However, Sierra Leone is one of the world’s poorest countries and has very basic infrastructure. We will make sure your trip is as comfortable as possible but be prepared for hiccoughs like power cuts and water outages. This as part of the experience and part of the beauty and charm of Sierra Leone.

The Travel Packages. 

Our travel packages are all-inclusive and vary only in the comfort level of your accommodation. 

Basic - £389

A true traveller-style dorm room or single room with shared bathrooms. Facilities are basic: there is water for washing but no running water (so get ready to flush the toilet with a bucket) and electricity supply is limited to the evenings. Fans are provided but only function when the electricity is on. All rooms are equipped with mosquito nets.

Standard - £549

A comfortable double room with private bathroom. As standard, these rooms have electricity, running water and air conditioning (subject to there being no supply issues in the hotel). Mosquito nets are provided as standard and the hotels have WIFI in the lobby.

Premium - £849

Comfortable double rooms and private bathrooms with air conditioning and running water as standard (subject to there being no supply issues). The hotel has a pool and bar to relax in during down-time. Mosquito nets are provided in the rooms and WIFI is also available. The premium package is the most comfortable package option.

What’s included in the package?

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner each day

  • All accommodation

  • Clean drinking water throughout the trip, including electrolytes on race day

  • All transport and transfers (including airport pick up, transport to projects and transfers to and from the beach)

  • Expert expedition medical team who are on hand all week

  • Race entry, race medal and your Sierra Leone Marathon 2020 race vest

  • Full support team

  • Full schedule of activities and entertainment throughout the week.

Other costs:

You’ll need to pay for your own flights, visa and any vaccinations needed (yellow-fever is a must) and ensure you have appropriate insurance.If you have any questions about what your package includes drop us an email and we’ll happily answer any questions!

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The Beach.

The Sierra Leone Marathon package covers the five days you’ll spend with the team in Makeni. But a visit to Sierra Leone just isn’t complete without a trip to its world-famous beaches.

We strongly recommend runners extend their stay for one or two nights and join us at Tokeh beach for a celebratory beach barbecue (on us!). This is an opportunity to reflect on your experience and share a few drinks with new friends.

Bohemian accommodation: £70 per night

A simple, yet beautiful resort overlooking the beach, with private double rooms, air conditioning. Breakfast is included.

Luxury accommodation: £120 per night

A luxury beach resort with fantastic facilities, swimming pool, restaurant and bar featuring fresh local and international cuisine. Breakfast is included.

We recommend booking the beach extension early so as to avoid disappointment – spaces are limited and rooms go fast!

The Race


The Itinerary