The Race.

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“It was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life. It was more than a marathon. Though I may go on to run another marathon quicker, this will always be my personal best” 

- Luke Whittaker, 2019 Sierra Leone Marathon runner.

The Sierra Leone Marathon route will take you across some of the most beautiful scenery in Northern Sierra Leone. Winding through tropical forest and local villages, this tough race is one you'll never forget. 


Choose Your Distance.

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Arrive at Makeni's famous Wusum Hill Stadium for sunrise and line up alongside hundreds of national and international runners. Whether it's your first marathon or your fiftieth, the buzz of the start line won't fail to gear you up for the run ahead.

Head out through Makeni as local traders begin setting up for the day ahead. Follow tracks out of the town towards the jungle-lined highway and enjoy sweeping views of Sierra Leone's countryside with spectators cheering you as you run past.

At the halfway point, begin weaving your way back to Makeni. On the final stretch, make your way through crowd-lined streets towards the stadium where the finish line, a cold Star beer and a hand-carved medal are waiting for you. 

Elevation Gain: 330m

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As the sun rises, join local and international runners for a warm-up at the Wusum Hill Stadium before heading out into Makeni's streets. 

Pass through the buzzing town where crowds will cheer you on as you make your way out onto the highway. Wind through lush green landscapes and rural villages. On your return to Makeni, cheering from local children will carry you through to the finish line where you’ll collect your well-deserved medal.

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Start your marathon day experience by cheering your fellow runners as they set off on the full and half marathons. Head off from the start line and run through the Makeni marketplace, passing by the market stalls that sell everything from traditional lappa fabric to homemade palm wine. 

The 10km stays within the hustle and bustle of the town where the spirit of the marathon spurs you on. Cross the finish line and collect your unique medal before enjoying the buzz of the stadium as other runners complete the challenge of a lifetime. 

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Enjoy the electric atmosphere of the Wusum Hill Stadium as marathon runners set out on the course. 

Head out together with hundreds of local and international runners into the hustle and bustle of the town. Enjoy soaking up the dynamic atmosphere of marathon day as you pass local bars, butchers and market stalls on the busy streets of Makeni. 

The crowd will cheer you on as you reach the end of the race and you can enjoy the moment you're awarded your unique hand-carved medal. 



Head out at the crack of dawn to set up vital water stations for runners and be part of the crew that cheers them along the course.  Get ready to lose your voice shouting words of encouragement at the start-finish line!

To find out more about volunteering on race day get in touch.  

Volunteer or run at the Sierra Leone Marathon - one of the world's toughest races.

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