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The Sierra Leone Marathon is a unique event. Every participant fundraises to support Street Child's work.  Whilst there, you'll spend two days visiting our projects in rural and urban Sierra Leone for a chance to see the impact of your fundraising first-hand. Meet children, families and teachers supported by Street Child, learn about the culture and discover real Sierra Leone. On workshop day, you'll have a chance to get to know our amazing team who work with these communities every day. 

Sustainable livelihoods project.

On your urban project visit, you'll explore the hustle and bustle of some of Sierra Leone's towns and cities. Take a walking tour and immerse yourself in day-to-day Sierra Leonean life. On your way, meet local market traders from fishmongers and tailors to wood-carvers and mango-sellers. Take the opportunity to learn more about life in Sierra Leone from those who know it best. 

Simple household poverty keeps millions of children out of school. Street Child teams provide families with business grants and training so they can set up or grow their businesses and afford the cost of educating their children. As part of your visit to the market, you'll meet some of the families Street Child have supported and learn about their businesses which keep their children in school.

Learn more about our work empowering families.  


Explore urban Sierra Leone as part of our Sierra Leone International Marathon for UK Charity Street Child
Visit rural schools as part of the Sierra Leone Marathon - an international charity race

Rural Schools projects.

On your rural project visit, you'll travel through Sierra Leone's lush green landscapes to some of its most remote communities. On the way you'll see everything from sprawling jungle to wide-open plains. Pass through tiny villages and catch a glimpse of rural life with goats roaming by the road-side and families relaxing in the shade. 

Millions of children are unable to go to school across the world today simply because there are no schools for them to go to. For children who are in school, many schools are not good enough quality with hundreds of students per classroom, a lack of toilets, sanitary facilities, capable teachers or adequate learning materials. Street Child works with communities to build schools, train teachers, promote the importance of education and ensure that all solutions are sustainable long-term. 

As part of your rural visit, you'll visit some of the schools Street Child have built or supported. You'll be greeted with a warm welcome from teachers and children alike. Play a game of football in dusty playgrounds in the blazing heat or why not teach a game from your childhood - 'What's the time Mr Wolf? anyone?!'

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Join us at the Street Child office in Makeni for a morning of workshops with our amazing in-country team. Our social workers and business officers work tirelessly to give some of the most vulnerable children the chance to go to school. Choose from a variety of interactive workshops. From sessions with our social workers on our street work to our business officers on our work with family businesses - you can even learn some basic Krio, the local Sierra Leone dialect!

Globally, millions of children live, sleep or survive on the streets - because of conflict, crisis or poverty. Without support, they face danger and violence and are a long way from going to school. Our teams work to help children off the streets, away from danger and into school.  Joining our workshops is a chance to learn more about the amazing work they do and how they do it. 

Learn more about our work protecting children.

Learn about our charity projects as part of our Sierra Leone International Marathon

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