LDN Brunch Club Runner, Laura Murray’s trip of a lifetime

“Heart-breaking, heart-warming and an adventure of a lifetime”


Runner for LDN Brunch Club, Laura Murray had already signed up to run the 2018 Sierra Leone Marathon when she developed a stress fracture in her upper leg.  Determined to still travel to Sierra Leone and ideally to run, Laura switched her training to the swimming pool and fortunately was fit enough to complete the 10k race in Makeni on 28th May.  


Laura warns that “The impact of the poverty hits you hard. To see it first hand is tough” but nevertheless she would encourage anyone thinking about running next year to take the next step and register: “Do it!! It is an experience like no other and one of a lifetime… the impact will never leave you and but neither will the memories.”


(Taken from an original article by Brittany O’Neill)

Laura Murray at the finish line.JPG
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