Nic Errol: My Running Journey

Nic Errol completing one of his extreme runs..

Nic Errol completing one of his extreme runs..

Hello runners! Yes, runners. If you have 2 legs, you can run. And from there, the opportunities are endless.

I’m Nic, an Australian that has called London home for the past two and a half years. I am a Brand Ambassador for Nike, as well as a Mountain Ultra Trail Runner. Basically, I like running far longer than the marathon distance, and in some of the most beautiful natural locations in the world. 100 milers are my distance (for now).

My journey started not much different to most peoples. I made a decision that I was going to start running. I started small, and as I grew to enjoy running far more, 5kms became 8kms, 8 turned to 10, and then I signed up for a half-marathon. Until one run I got lost. Badly. Without an oyster card, bank card or mobile phone. Just a GPS device. So I kept running. Until I got home. And had run over double the longest I had ever run previously. Tired, hungry and shocked. And yet, I LOVED it. I had ran over a half-marathon accidentally, and wanted more. Before I had even raced my first half-marathon, I had signed up for marathons, and even my first ultra-marathon, the London – Brighton Ultra (I got 2nd in that too, much to my surprise). That day changed what running meant to me, and I am now thankful to be competing in elite level ultra-marathons all over the world.

My unique journey began with a choice. Which has led to do and see things I never dreamed possible. The Sierra Leone Marathon represents that for you. A choice, a desire, and something with meaning. We all run for different reasons, with different goals, intentions and expectations. But we ALL made that choice. To run, to say yes, to be curious.

Regardless of why you run, remember these basic principles in your preparation.

  1. Remember your WHY. The overall driving force that gets you up and out there.
  2. Be consistent with your training. Progress is made with gradual and incremental improvements, and not big and sudden changes. Quality not quantity. I work full-time (in an office job), so I have similar challenges with scheduling and balance.
  3. Have fun. Whilst training and growth DO require challenge and adversity, if you don’t enjoy it, you won’t do it. Run with friends or a run club. Run to brunch/coffee. Stop and enjoy the views (London has PLENTY). Reward yourself (in moderation) for milestones. Hard work is necessary, suffering is a choice. Choose to smile.

I look forward to sharing more of my journey with you in person, and being involved with your own journeys in cooperation with Street Child. To follow my training and adventures leading up to my February 6th race in New Zealand, visit my website or find me on Instagram (@nic_errol).

Happy Running!