2015 Sierra Leone Marathon: Post-Race Wrap Up!


The Street Child Sierra Leone Marathon was once described as “the most worthwhile marathon in the world” and I couldn’t agree more.

In its own right SLM is a unique and challenging event as runners are united in one cause, running together and visiting charity projects all to support the amazing work of Street Child.

Throw in to the mix that SLM15 was I think the only official international marathon to be held in a country not yet declared Ebola-free and this just goes to show what a truly exceptional and interesting marathon this year has been.

Everyone who was involved in the event from the runners, staff, volunteers, spectators and even His Excellency the President have come together to make a real statement, that Sierra Leone is more than Ebola!

All four races were a huge success, whether you took part in the 5km, 10km, half or full marathon, everyone ‘enjoyed’ themselves and completed their distance knowing what a difference they are making to Ebola orphans and street children across Salone.

Participant numbers may have been lower this year compared to previous, however together we all managed to make a big impact and created a wonderful atmosphere.

Having been involved in the Sierra Leone Marathon since the first-ever event in 2012 I have been fortunate enough to see the effect it has on the people of Makeni.

SLM is the biggest event to be held in the home of SCoSL, not only does your money go a long way to helping vulnerable children; it also funds the development of the country. With SLM investment I have witnessed growth in the infrastructure of Makeni.

By hiring vehicles, booking up guesthouses, ordering food and drink the marathon is investing in the local economy, more and more jobs have been created, more and more people have been able to earn an income to support their families, more and more children have been able to go to school rather than depend on the streets.

The roads are better, street lights have been installed, skills are enhanced, these are all the extra added bonus of participating in the Sierra Leone Marathon along with supporting the work of Street Child.

Bring on SLM May 2016!