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Top Tips.

1. Set up your page.

We use the platform Everyday Hero as it allows sponsors to cover the administration fee - meaning more money goes to Street Child than with other platforms. It's also super easy to personalise (see below!).

2. Personalise it. 

When you set up your fundraising page Everyday Hero will encourage you to personalise the page with a photo and a short bio. They're not lying when they tell you this leads to more donations!  Personalised pages with a photo and a few lines about why you are taking on the Marathon, and a bit about Street Child, raise on average 118% more than a blank page!

3. Think big, think long term. 

£1000 is a super achievable target but it will be far easier to absolutely smash it if you spend a few minutes planning and breaking down how you're going to get there. Focusing on creative ideas and key timings and moments will ensure you never need to panic! We're on hand for any guidance and support - just drop us an email.

4. Before you go public with your page secure early donations.

You want your fundraising to get off to a flying start. So make sure you start positively. Either hold an event or raise a sum offline and upload it, or line up loved ones that you know will donate a solid sum. If your first donation is bigger people will subsequently donate more on average or be motivated to tip you over targets. 

5. Up your target.

This is smart fundraising (woo!). Once you've reached your target you can up your goal by £100 or further. People who haven't yet donated will be motivated to help you reach the new goal. You can keep doing this until you've exhausted support!

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