Bring a Team. 


Train together. Fundraise together. Run together. Bringing a team to the Sierra Leone Marathon is a great way to experience the 'world's craziest and most worthwhile marathon'.

From friends and family to your local running club or work colleagues, form a team and go that extra mile in support of Street Child. 

 Engage your employees and colleagues with the ultimate challenge - the Sierra Leone Marathon, one of the world's hardest and toughest marathons
 The ultimate employee engagement - take on the Sierra Leone Marathon for charity Street Child, one of the hardest and toughest marathons in Africa.

Engage Your Colleagues.

Inspire your colleague or employees by signing up to the Sierra Leone Marathon as a Corporate Team. 

Travel to Sierra Leone together, experience an African adventure and spend your volunteering days in a truly unique way.  

With support from your company you can double your impact through match-funding schemes or receive a contribution towards your travel package. 

Inspire Your Friends and Family. 

Life is meant for good friends and great adventures. By bringing your friends and family to the Sierra Leone Marathon you'll be sharing an unforgettable experience with those closest to you.

Fundraise and run together in support of some of the world's most vulnerable children and go home inspired. 

 Share the ultimate African adventure by taking on the Sierra Leone Marathon with your friends and family and cross the finish line of one of the world's toughest marathons together. 
 Take on the Sierra Leone Marathon for the ultimate African marathon
 Take on the Sierra Leone Marathon with your Running Club - this is not your average marathon, this is one of the hardest, toughest marathons in Africa. 

Unite Your Running Club. 

The Sierra Leone Marathon is the highlight of any runner's race calendar. By taking on the challenge with your running club, you can ramp up your training runs, aim big with your fundraising and share the ultimate adventure.

This is not your average charity run. Battle through heat and humidity to cross the finish line together - an unforgettable moment.