Sierra Leone Marathon 2014

Six tips for the last few weeks


Six tips for the last few weeks…

1.      Keep your training fun:  

Try varying your usual route. Take your watch off once in a while. And why not join other Sierra Leone marathon runners on our last training run in Hyde Park on the 20th May at 10am (meet at Speakers Corner by Marble Arch)

2.      Taper:

Start to reduce your mileage about 3 weeks before.  Don't be tempted to run long - save your energy for race day.  Use the time to recover: catch up on sleep, write those fundraising emails,  and do some gentle stretching.

3.      Plan your race kit:

See Matt's tips on the training page of the website on kit suited to heat and humid conditions.  Do try out any kit before race day.

4.      Practise your hydration strategy :

Plan your hydration strategy: it's best to drink little and often.  While there will be regular water stops, have you considered carrying your own camelback or water bottle?  Practice it during training.  It's also a good idea to replace minerals lost through sweat.  Good ways of doing this are mixing sachets of energy drink with your water or adding 'nuun'

5.      Practise eating: 

Plan to fuel your body with what works for you: take food which you find easily digestible.  Energy bars and gels are an efficient way of taking in carbs.  Runners often find gels easier to consume than bars, but remember that most need to be taken with 150-200ml of water to
be absorbed (with the exception of the SIS brand).  Work out how you'll carry them (pockets of shorts? Race belt?)  Don't try them for the first time on race day!  Finally, brace yourself to get up for a dawn run as you will be doing this on race day and may need to eat earlier than usual.

6. Plan for the race route

Try to fit in some trail running to prepare for the substantial off-road sections of the race route. Check out the website to see where the route will take you so you have a rough idea what to expect, and how to pace yourself - and start getting excited ! 



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