Sierra Leone Marathon 2014

The first international marathon in Sierra Leone

Street Child trustee Jannah Britt-Green on Wanderlust's online community, myWanderlust describing her experience of the Kiln Sierra Leone Marathon.


How long were you there for?
A week, but some stayed even longer to visit more projects and spend time travelling around the country

What was the single highlight of your trip?
Getting to visit the marathon's charity - Street Child of Sierra Leone's - projects and see their amazing work with street children and their families. And see so many inspired runners there who ran to raise monies for these projects. It was amazing!

Any lowlights/cautionary tales?
The old DeCaprio "TIA" (this is Africa) is what you want to go on...So, nothing quite happens like it would in London, but that's part of the adventure. My friend's passport was stolen, but we worked a miracle and got an emergency one in less than 8 hrs!

Any absolutely MUST see sights/activities?
Up country - around Makeni - where we held the marathon was beautiful lush countryside and wonderful people to meet. But I think no one would argue that Tokeh and No 2 beaches are a real favourite! Absolutely stunning...and you virtually have them to yourself. Oh, and Tacugama chimp reserve too!

Any absolutely DON'T see sights/activities?
You don't want to see the local police office (manic!) - where we had to get our missing passport report for my friend - but they were all so lovely and helped us work an absolute miracle. Huge thanks to them!

If you could give one piece of advice, what would it be?
Keep your bags with you at all times...but don't worry - it doesn't happen very often at all. Be sure to bring £ or $ with you and exchange for Leones (local currency) at Crown Bakery in Freetown if you can - they give the best exchange rates...and they have the best international food too.

Any other comments?
We would all encourage any adventurers or runners to register for next year's marathon - it was a life-changing experience for everyone. Go to www.kilnsierraleonemarathon.com or www.street-child.co.uk for further info on registering.



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