Sierra Leone Marathon 2014

The first ever marathon

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Kiln Sierra Leone Marathon and Collective SL volunteer Mark Maughan gets to work...


As soon as we arrived in Makeni, the real work started. The Kiln Sierra Leone Marathon will be Sierra Leone's first EVER marathon and will hopefully raise a lot of money for the Street Child of Sierra Leone charity. 


As it is the first ever event of its kind, a lot of planning has gone into the KSLM. First of all designing the course route, which after driving around it I must say it is a challenge, but a spectacular one at that.


I am part of the events team, so my main role is to be the eyes and ears on the ground in Makeni, as I am the only one based here full-time. Therefore it is extremely important to build up good relationships with different contacts in order to:


a)    Make sure everyone co-operates efficiently

b)   Ensure good communication between different authorities

c)    Help me find my way around this maze!


One of the real benefits to this project is that I get to explore all around Makeni and meet some incredible people. From Chief Administrator of Makeni City Council Mr Daramy to Benjamin Kamara, our homestays organiser/guide, village chiefs including a relative whose name was quite simply T-Man to the big scary bloke in the army barracks Lieutenant Colonel AS Koroma (though I referred to him as Corona like the drink!)


Other tasks include helping to organise the pasta party, finding good musicians to play along the route, sorting through volunteers and officials, instructing the police, finding sponsors and getting as many Salonean runners as possible.


Whilst I have not had much involvement with the Craig Bellamy Foundation as of yet, I have attended a number of football games to show my support for the league, helping out with some coaching tips and even refereeing a game.


So as you can guess it's busy busy busy and no rest for the wicked!!!!!


You can read more of Mark Maughan's blog here.


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