Sierra Leone Marathon 2014

Street Child Running Club - training schedules

I realise that half marathon runners have been neglected in terms of training schedules for which I apologise. Therefore please see the attached schedules for sub 2 hours and 'get you round' for first timers. The fundamental thing is to have fun (yes, it possible with running) and as such, lots of variety is built in and importantly, rest days too. 

For those going for a sub 2  hours time (with this programme 1:45-1:50 is achievable) it is expected you're probably running fairly regularly and therefore this is a 10 week schedule which should be plenty of time. Click here to see a suggested schedule. For the first timers, a half is an exciting distance to get under your belt, particularly with the exotic bragging rights one in tropical Sierra Leone will give you (more than, say, Woking). Because of this, you'd better start this weekend and a 12 week program is designed for you. Click here to see the schedule.

Everyone can build in lots of cross training and if you can stick to 85% of the training runs, you should nail your time or at least run comfortably whilst taking in the surroundings of the extraordinary country in which you'll be running, which is really the whole point.

Should anyone want a 5km schedule, let me know.

Best of luck for the training and please remember the next Sierra Leone Running Club run on Saturday 31st March. 10 miles for marathoners and 10km for half marathon entrants. Remember the drinks event on 20th March at Bar Soho [click here to find out all the information]  and I'll be on hand to discuss kit. Also, should anyone want to discuss additional training dates, particularly with a view to meeting more runners, we can arrange these. Otherwise please contact me and I can put you in touch with others, or possibly be free myself on an add hoc basis. 


Matt Pain


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