Sierra Leone Marathon 2014

Street Child Running Club - Saturday March 31

This was the first run we've had without 'adverse weather conditions' as the rail companies are wont to say when excusing a poor performance. 
Clearly lots of people were at their own special training camps or sensibly tucked up in bed/noshing on bacon and eggs so I sat and waited in the cafe as 10.00 loomed, rueing the last glass of wine in the early hours. Fatima turned up pronto, raring to go however and off we went.  This became a half marathon training run and we walked or jogged slowly up the hills whilst forcing the pace a bit more on the flat.  Adhering to the rule of finding a rhythm that allows you to run and talk without being out of breath, hold a conversation we did, dodging the various runners and cyclists coming the other way.  By the time we came round to Richmond Gate and were in the final stretch we were still chatt ing away. I felt well educated about Sierra Leone, Fatima's family having come from there and also knowledgeable in global brand marketing, her job. You learn something every day. Whether I imparted any knowledge at all is somewhat in doubt.

It was a good session and should anyone wish to attend the next one on 6th May, please let me know. 

Best wishes,


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