Sierra Leone Marathon 2014

Running for Street Child of Sierra Leone

"I've just come back from a wonderful and inspiring trip to Sierra Leone and wanted to tell everyone at Rainbow Tours about it. I'm in love with Africa and spend as many of my holidays there as possible, but up until now I hadn't been anywhere over in the West. I also love running. So when I heard there was a charity organising the first ever marathon to be run in Sierra Leone, it was something that I just had to get involved with.


We flew direct from London to Freetown and transferred straight to Makeni where the run was to be held and where the charity, Street Child of Sierra Leone, works tirelessly to get children off the streets and back into school. The marathon day itself was phenomenal. I've run about a dozen marathons and it was the best one by far. The scenery was sublime and the atmosphere was electric, but perhaps above all I think it was the 170 or so international runners all running for the same cause which made it really special.


Kiln Sierra Leone Marathon, image by Mark Gillett

Kiln Sierra Leone Marathon, image by Mark Gillett


After leaving Makeni I decided to rest my tired legs by spending a few days down by the sea. The beaches in Sierra Leone are some of the best in the world. I spent one night on the delightful Banana Island followed by two nights on the wonderful Tokey Beach. And on the last day I went to see the Sierra Leone national football team play in the national stadium in Freetown. I recommend it all. I love Sierra Leone. It's safe, friendly and practically devoid of tourists. I can't wait to go back for next years race!"


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