Sierra Leone Marathon 2014

Kiln Sierra Leone Marathon v London Olympics

The Olympics has happened more than 30 times in the common era and who knows how many times in the olden days. There has never been an event like this in Sierra Leone before!


Kiln Sierra Leone Marathon 1 London Olympics 0


It's a low blow, but tell me it's not true, you've had a great Christmas but you don't half feel it?! Need a target, something to aim for, go for? Problem is, you've left it a bit late to get into the Olympics. But hey, check out the training calendars on www.kilnsierraleonemarathon.com - 12 weeks of training and you're ready for your marathon, half or 5km in Makeni, Northern Sierra Leone!


Kiln Sierra Leone Marathon 2 London Olympics 0


You can't even get a ticket for the Olympics!! But be on the front-line, the starting line that is, for the Sierra Leone Marathon! Not watching but doing - being part of the story!


Kiln Sierra Leone Marathon 3 London Olympics 0


OK, OK so you got a ticket for the Olympics - ooch. How much did it cost you? Did it include 5 nights food, accommodation *,  time with Street Child's brilliant children's projects, race-entry fees and travel around the country ** ? All yours for £300 at http://www.kilnsierraleonemarathon.com/register/


Kiln Sierra Leone Marathon 4 London Olympics 0


The whole idea of the Kiln Sierra Leone Marathon is to get a tonne of people over to Sierra Leone to see our work. Realise how much our work is achieving - and how far so little goes (a child in school for a term for the cost of a supermarket bottle of wine?). And raise a load more for us so we can get more children off the street and into school.


Kiln Sierra Leone Marathon 15, London Olympics 0!


*     Accommodation is quite basic - but first come, first served!

**    Flights are extra


all the best



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