Sierra Leone Marathon 2014

Reality check

So.  I've just looked at my training programme for the first time, and only now that I'm typing the schedule into my calendar have I really realised how much there is to do. Most evenings it seems, every weekend, huge distances. And I'm not sure I even really like running. I've never run for much more than an hour before because I get bored. 


Just as well it's for a good cause then! I went to the Street Child press launch just before Christmas and heard about the foundation of the charity (i) as a reaction to Sierra Leone being named the most deprived country in the world in 2008, and (ii) as a reaction to the use of child soldiers - indeed Makeni was an RUF stronghold during the civil war, and it is where Street Child has its largest operation and where the marathon is taking place.


Simon _Bianco _blog _trainingThere were people of extraordinary energy at the press launch - one guy I met was both a journalist and the founder of a charity who ran 15 marathons last year.


I hadn't given much thought  about how meeting these sorts of people will give the race yet another dimension and make it a fascinating event. It also indicated how important training will be
to ensure I don't get lapped!


Actually, I do quite like running. I'm looking forward to it.



Starting training

in Mallorca


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