Sierra Leone Marathon 2014

Much excitement in the office

There has been much excitement within the office about the Kiln Sierra Leone Marathon. I have had people I wouldn't expect consider taking part as they also think that it is a wonderful opportunity to do something so amazing and challenging for an extremely good cause.


Having a number of people around me who will also be taking part is very good for motivation as we've been discussing the ways in which we can help each other to train. There's talk of doing some big group lunchtime running sessions together which will be good for moral when it starts to get really tough and on those days when going for a run is that last thing you really want to do!


My training has started in earnest now that Christmas is over. I have a training partner, Charlotte, who is also doing the marathon, and we have been out running a number of times at lunchtimes increasing the distance each time. Some days it's been easier than others.


This week however, the weather wasn't on our side when we completed a longer run over to the other side of the Thames and back. As we ran over Tower Bridge in freezing rain, the wind whipped up so badly that I was slightly concerned that I was going to be blown off the bridge into the river! However, we battled on and ran a new route up to Southwark Park and back in a steady pace and felt very pleased with ourselves for achieving it despite the horrible conditions.


But the feeling of achievement that we felt on finishing that run will be nothing like sense of achievement we'll have on the day we cross the finish line in Sierra Leone. All the hard work, pain, tired limbs, blisters and sore feet between now and then will be worth it!


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