Sierra Leone Marathon 2014


Join us in May and run the marathon, half-marathon, 10k or 5k in aid of Street Child!


There are close to 50,000 children that rely on the streets of Sierra Leone for their survival, with around 3,000 of those living and sleeping on the streets.  Street Child aims to reunite those children with their families and get them back in full time education.  They do this by using a combination of first line support on the street, funding schools and educational materials and arranging remedial schooling.  They also aim to address the root problem of poverty as a whole by starting projects like its family business scheme.


The Sierra Leone Marathon 2014 starts and finishes in Makeni, the town where Street Child was founded and one which remains their hub.  There are numerous opportunities to visit local projects and interact with the children and families that Street Child supports.


Follow this blog for updates on the marathon and our marathon teams in Makeni and London :)



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